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Dead Link Alternatives


Business Answers



UVA Demographics Research Group: Population estimates/projections, school enrollment projections, and data visualization using maps

Virginia Department of Education, Enrollment & Demographics: Local and regional school demographic data, including homeschooled and special education data. 

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics: Quarterly census of employment and wages. Available at county, state, and national levels by industry.

Virginia Labor Market Information: Another source of quarterly employment and wage data.

Prince William County GIS: Demographic resources and links. Includes Virginia-specific resources and interactive data & maps


General Resources:

Small Business News with CNBC


Small Business:’s List of Startup Resources: For small businesses. Includes small business magazines, websites, legal information and documents, franchising, and government assistance.


Health Answers


General Health and Wellness:

Mayo Clinic: same website, new url


Doctors, Hospitals, & Other Health Care Providers: – may be same website as DocBuz; similar features


Symptom Checker/Lab Tests:

Your.MD: symptom checker like freeMD


Job Answers


Explore Careers:

U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics; State Occupational and Employment Wage Estimates Virginia: Estimated data for all industry sectors.

Virginia Labor Market Information: Short and long-term occupational projections through 2026. 


Looking for a Job:

ReEmployment Portal: new redirect for unemployment benefits, health care, and places to get employment and training. 

Virginia Jobs – new subdirectory accessible under the same Department of Human Resource Management. Searchable state jobs by location, agency, and job type.


Work with the Local Government:

Spotsylvania County Job Openings – redirected to official job openings page


Nonprofit Answers


Government Grants: new subdirectory found


Grants for Individuals: new, working link

Central Virginia Housing Coalition: Offers voucher program information, counseling, rental resources and information, and financial assistance programs

Virginia Housing Development Authority: Grant programs for affordable housing through REACH Virginia


Resources for Nonprofit:

Foundation Center’s Nonprofit Startup Resources: Diagnostic and resources on starting a nonprofit. Organized by state.

Official IRS Tax Exemption Forms: – for nonprofits, many documents include separate instructions. Offers easy-to-understand instructions on how to obtain 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status for a nonprofit

Foundation Center: new link to general webpage

Nonprofit Risk Management Center insurance: articles + glossary of risk management and insurance terms

Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants: new, working link


Tax Information for Nonprofits:

Tax Information for Charitable Organizations: same list of forms/Life Cycles resources, has been incorporated within nonprofits

Filing Requirements for Nonprofits & Charities: Lists forms, help, and directory to Nonprofit & Charities page

About Form 990: Links to all new revisions, current forms, and directions to other relevant forms.



Venture Partnership Foundation: Investment opportunity for charities and nonprofits

Impetus: Funding for charities

InsidePhilanthropy: Funding and grant information (who is giving to certain organizations)

Corporate Giving – information on corporate giving, definitions on programs and foundations (their Funding Directory is a paid subscription)


Resources for Individual and Personal Needs:

Individual Resources under Rappahannock United Way: community resources and free financial services

Quick Guide English: Rappahannock United Way

Quick Guide Spanish: Rappahannock United Way


Housing Resources:

Community Resources Directory: offers a helpline, but other offered housing information taken off the website

Homeownership and Rental Assistance: Same link as Virginia Housing Development Authority

USDA Rural Development – same subdirectory

Weatherization – tips to weatherize your home. Provides information for how to apply for weatherization assistance


Regional Answers 


Official Websites of County Governments:

Westmoreland County: new url


Local/Regional Tourism:



Area Museums and Historic Houses: running list of museums and historic houses, with descriptions of each

FAM: Fredericksburg Area Museum website. Running list of exhibitions and events

Historic District: Official site, details the history of the downtown district



Stafford Tour Information

      Spotsylvania County:

Spotsylvania County Museum


Local News and Radio Stations:

Potomac Local – Stafford County

Stafford County Sheriff’s Office – local news section


Local Parks:

Virginia State Parks – working link

Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation

Westmoreland State Park – under Virginia State Parks website


Local Transportation:

Greyhound Fredericksburg Bus Stop – information

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport 

Washington Dulles National Airport 


Tech Answers


GCFGlobal Computer Basics – hardware & software, safety, Internet

Senior Connects Computer Basics – on NetLiteracy


Voting Answers


Register to vote – on Also can register on

Voter registration status – on

Virginia Department of Elections List of Candidates – statewide and local


Other Links of Interest:

DemocracyNet – may work, but takes a long time to respond. Not found on League of Women Voters’ website.